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Welcome to the world of cakes

Here at Wight Cakes we believe that there is not a single occasion for which we cannot bake a suitable cake.

We think we have solved this problem. We take pictures of all the cakes we bake so by visiting our cake galleries, you can indulge in as many first bites you fancy. Then, when you're ready for subsequent bites, just get in touch. ANY EXCUSE FOR A CAKE!

Why Wight Cakes sell like hot cakes

"Best cakes on the Isle of Wight"


- Luke, Ryde


It is widely agreed that when it comes to cakes, the first bite is with the eye. However, we find that with the second bite comes the dilemma. On the one hand, they are so mouth-wateringly appetising that it's difficult to resist diving straight in. On the other hand, they can look so good that it seems a pity to destroy them.

Our motto is 'Any excuse for a cake'. However, because we use only the finest ingredients and years of experience, you'll feel like you don't need an excuse.

We are based on the Isle of Wight and strive to offer you perfect cakes for your perfect occasions. We are confident that we have just the cake for you.

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